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About us

Hi! Welcome to R E V O L V E design, handmade unique genuine leather jewelry by Siri Soule in Taos, New Mexico.

     "I strive for R E V O L V E design to be a locally sustainable, fair trade, ecologically conscious, and socially responsible business. As we grow as a company, I will take these defining principles into our community and focus on women, especially mothers of young children. I know it can be extremely difficult and emotionally straining to leave your baby for work. I plan to create a flexible and healthy work space for women to do piece work on their schedule and be well paid for it. A happy mother is the core of a happy family which effects the health of a community and a peaceful world. I personally strive to honor all of life's moments even though it’s hard when you’re emotionally struggling or racing to catch the school bus. But when I'm making, that is the place I try to be in. I put what kindness, strength and connection I find there, into my work. I like to think that the recipient will be supported in moments of need by this, even if unconsciously. Whether it be mundane, painful or extraordinary, every moment is sacred and relevant because whatever you are doing right now, is what your life is. Plus a little whimsical adornment that lifts your spirit and makes you smile never hurts.

I know now I want to make beautiful things with integrity and love and then share them. I find a lot of joy in simple and nature driven design especially when it’s focused on color and texture. I like to create from things that have had a previous life- like what I find on a hike, in a thrift store or lost and found in my closet. The alchemy of it is evident and makes me feel connected.

I do prefer to use leather remnants, invoking a ‘whole animal’ philosophy, where by using as much of it as possible is more respectful to the animal's life and using what would normally end up in the landfill. Nature’s process of seed to harvest is important, for it is every living being’s shared journey. If I honor what it outside of myself, I am honoring what is inside as well. I perceive an alchemy between my hands and this part of a once living creature as it becomes a meaningful gift for you. I see this whole process as a revolution in time, visualize a spiral. And I’d be much honored to know you’re wearing this manifestation at the moment you remember life is often better than good, that you’re part of a whole and we are stronger together...”

-siri soule, January 2018

From early on, I have reveled in textures, colors, and in the pure magic of creating something tangible and beautiful from just a thought. I started working with leather when my longtime artist friend (Christina @SpitfireForge) gifted me a paper grocery bag full of red leather scraps. With her encouragement ("I'm sure you can do something wonderful with this.") and a foundation of various arts (such as costume, fashion design, hand dying, tailoring, beading, styling, farming, green building and design, sustainable and off grid living, painting, dancing, interior design), I had a pair of long luxuriously soft red leather leaf earrings in my hand. The rest of the story may be familiar. I was finding myself again after starting a family. I was learning how to create from inside a new body and from a mother’s heart. I began to mold postpartum depression into an expression of feminine strength and unknown beauty. This jewelry line is another revolution in my life exploring self-worth, identity, culture, sustainability, intent, wholeness, work, design and entrepreneurship. 



any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

Revolve :

  1. to move in a curving course or orbit
  2. to turn around or rotate, as on an axis
  3. to focus or center.
  4. to proceed or occur in a round or cycle; recur.
  5. to be turned over in the mind; consider; ponder.


       "The Fair Trade movement shares a vision of a world in which justice and sustainable development are at the heart of trade structures and practices so that everyone, through their work, can maintain a decent and dignified livelihood and develop their full human potential" - charter of fair trade principles, 2009