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Feminine. Beautiful. Unique.

R E V O L V E design

Unique Handmade Genuine Leather Jewelry looks even better on!

Our jewelry is designed to be worn and it's magic is then revealed. The comfort of quality leather against your skin is paralleled only by it's weightlessness. You will be surprised how they compliment any fashion mood you're in and how many compliments you'll receive while wearing them.

We make long earrings, traditional length earrings, post earrings, leather and chain earrings, unisex snap cuffs, sliding strap cuffs, adjustable bracelets, hair sticks, clips, pendent necklaces, chokers, statement bib necklaces all out of eco sourced genuine leather.

I picked the name R E V O L V E because I felt it encapsulated my mission of being resourceful and always pursuing a new perspective, and encouraging the world we effect to do the same. The vision is to remain playful, simple and nature driven and to focus on color, texture and movement. Handmade craft is alchemy; Materials changing their form and with the power of human intention, creating a new 'golden' result. We honor the circle of life and strive to keep it integrated in all we do.

R E V O L V E design is something new for you to revel in.